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Morganton, North Carolina, USA     N 35.71    W 81.75    1109' MSL
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Welcome to the Silver Creek Observatory !!

If you are like me the first thing that comes to mind  when someone uses the word Observatory  is a dome shaped building on a mountain top with a telescope inside. In the case of  Silver Creek Observatory  that would be only a partially correct vision. A better definition of an observatory is a location used for observing terrestrial, atmospheric and celestial phenomena.  The creation of  SCO  was  based on this version .

The  purpose of  the SCO is to ultimately provide a place for the study of the world around us. That area is on my property along Silver Creek ( hence the name ), southwest of Morganton, North Carolina. See the map below for the exact location. Once the physical building is constructed it will house a telescope for viewing and photographing the heavens. A weather station will be used to collect different  types of  meteorological data such as temperature, wind speed/direction, etc.  A seismograph will also be installed to detect movements in the Earth. These along with other various devices and equipment allow us to marvel at the beauty and awe of the universe around us.

Thus our Motto " Earth, Sky & Beyond ".

This web site will allow me to share with everyone the activities associated with the observatory , along with my  hobbies, projects and other endeavors.

Hope you find the site both informative and enjoyable. Visit Often !!




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