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Morganton, North Carolina, USA     N 35.71    W 81.75    1109' MSL
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Old Wood Stove

I received an old wood stove from some friends of  mine. They had stopped using it so they gave it to me to use to heat up my workshop. I took it home and tore it completely apart so I could repair it. First step was to clean off all the rust from the stove being left outside. Next came a few minor repairs to several of the parts. Finally I put all the parts back together and used a tub of stove black to bring the stove back to like new condition. Click here to see the photos of the stove repair.


Wood Cabinet for My Mom's Childs Tea Sets

My Mom asked me to build her a cabinet to hold some of her many child's tea sets that she has collected over the many years. After several design changes and a couple starts I finally was able to build and finish her a nice cabinet. Click here to see the photos of the cabinet's construction.


1986 Isuzu Trooper II

I have owned my Trooper since I purchased it brand new in 1986. It has served me faithfully over these many years. It has climbed over mountains, went through mud holes, hauled rocks and equipment just about everywhere you can imagine. Finally at +247,000 miles the head cracked. I decided to just replace the whole engine instead of repairing the old one, since it had nearly a quarter of a million miles on it. Also since the vehicle was out of action I would clean it and repair any other problems that need to be fixed. Click here to see the photos from the Trooper's rebirth.


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