Silver Creek Observatory
Morganton, North Carolina, USA     N 35.71    W 81.75    1109' MSL
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  Storm Prediction Center

The above graphics are very useful for National Weather Service SKYWARN Spotters to get an overview of the current and potential severe weather across the United States.


SKYWARN is a program conducted by the National Weather Service where they offer both Basic and Advanced training classes to individuals to become certified Storm Spotters. Once trained these persons allow the NWS to have numerous sets of  educated "eyes" to provide them with field reports during severe weather events. Spotters send concise, relevant  information back to the NWS by using amateur radio or telephone communications for real time information and Email for delayed reports. This data is used by the NWS to confirm their observations (radar, satellite, etc.) and help issue timely weather warnings for the affected areas.


 The Silver Creek Observatory area is located within the CWA of the NWSFO in Greenville-Spartanburg, SC. I have attended both the Basic and Advanced SKYWARN Training Classes offered by the GSP NWS Office. I have the ability to send reports by Amateur Radio, telephone and internet Email.


Click on the above images or links to visit the Storm Prediction Center for additional and more comlete information.




Never make important decisions based on this information or any weather information obtained from the Internet

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